Flipper SwimSafe Baby Swimming Seat

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For babies from 3 months:

  • Perfect to introduce babies to the water
  • Without annoying restricting belts
  • Legs remain freely movable
  • Seat adjustable to body extend by an aerial dosage of the inner ring
  • Safety system with 3 air chambers and safety valves
  • Keeps stability in case of air loss of one chamber
  • Soft material without any harmful softeners (phthalates)

Flipper Swimsafe Baby Swim Seat

Comfortable and safe 62cm Flipper Swimsafe Baby Swim Seat made from soft foil, free from harmful plasticizers and no straps that restrict the child. The arms and legs remain freely movable. The seat can be individually adjusted to the body circumference by dosing the inner ring. Special safety thanks to three air chambers with safety valves. In case of air loss of a chamber, the seat remains stable. The ideal entry-level product for getting used to water for babies and toddlers up to 11 kg / from approx. 3 to approx. 12 months.

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